RTNDA Canada announces recipient of RTNDA Canada President's Award - Peter Mansbridge -

Mar 13, 2007

TORONTO, March 13 /CNW/ - Peter Mansbridge, a veteran reporter and
newscaster with almost 40 years in broadcasting, has been named the recipient
of the 2007 President's Award by RTNDA Canada.
The award is presented annually to an individual with a record of
distinguished service to the broadcast news industry and who promotes
excellence in broadcast journalism.
The award will be formally presented to Mansbridge on Friday, June 22 at
the 2007 RTNDA National Conference at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver.
Peter Mansbridge started his journalistic career as a teenager in
Churchill, Manitoba in 1968, after being heard announcing a flight departure
at the local airport. He was hired by the local radio station, an affiliate of
the CBC Northern Service. In 1972, he launched his television career with CBC
Television in Winnipeg as a local reporter, and then later joined the National
as a correspondent in Regina, Ottawa and Toronto.
He was appointed anchor and chief correspondent of The National in 1988,
and in that role he has covered every major Canadian news story including
federal elections, leadership conventions, referendums, constitutional
debates, floods, ice storms, and state funerals. He has also reported on, and
anchored coverage of, every major world event from the 1982 Falklands war to
the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, many from on the scene.
According to RTNDA President Bob McLaughlin, "Peter Mansbridge has all
the qualities many aspire to as news broadcasters - intellectual depth, a keen
sense of curiosity, fairness, genuine interest in his country and his craft,
journalistic savvy and an unparalleled on-air presence. His national profile
and the trust Canadians place in his newscasts make him truly deserving of
this honour."

RTNDA Canada is the voice for electronic journalists and news managers in
Canada. Its members recognize the responsibility of broadcast journalists to
promote and to protect the freedom to report independently about matters of
public interest and to present a wide range of expressions, opinions and
ideas. The RTNDA Canada Code of Ethics, adopted by the Canadian Broadcast
Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.

For further information: contact RTNDA Canada at (416) 756-2213 or e-mail info@rtndacanada.com

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