RTNDA Canada names "Friend of RTNDA Award" after first president Bill Hutton

May 21, 2008

TORONTO, May 21 /CNW/ - RTNDA Canada - The Association of Electronic
Journalists is pleased to announce that the "Friend of RTNDA Canada Award" has
been re-named after the first president of RTNDA Canada, Mr. Bill Hutton.
The President of RTNDA, Bob McLaughlin says, "Bill was RTNDA's first
president and as such this award recognizes his significant contribution to
our association. For 45 years now, RTNDA has assisted working journalists in
this country and we owe a great deal of thanks to Bill Hutton for helping to
make that happen."
The award is presented to individuals or organizations, which have shown
a true commitment to RTNDA and the betterment of broadcast journalism in
The "Bill Hutton Award of Excellence" will be presented at the
association's national conference June 19-21, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario. The
newly named award will be presented to RTNDA International based in
Washington, D.C.
Bill Hutton became the first president of RTNDA Canada in 1963. At the
time, he was News Director of CFRB Radio in Toronto. He retired from
broadcasting in 1989 and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Previous recipients of the award include The Canadian Press, CNN
Newsource Sales, CNW Group, WIC, VOCM Radio, Golden West Radio, Broadcast
Dialogue magazine, CTV, Taylor Enterprises and last year's recipient, Dan

RTNDA Canada is the voice of electronic journalists and news managers in
Canada. The members of RTNDA Canada recognize the responsibility of broadcast
journalists to promote and to protect the freedom to report independently
about matters of public interest and to present a wide range of expressions,
opinions and ideas. The RTNDA Canada Code of Ethics adopted by the Canadian
Broadcast Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our

For further information: Sherry Denesha, Operations Manager, RTNDA Canada at (416) 756-2213 or email: sherry@rtndacanada.com or visit www.rtndacanada.com

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