Radio-Television News Directors' Association of Canada

Oct 22, 2009

TORONTO, Oct. 22 /CNW/ - For an organization that proudly bills itself as the voice of Electronic Journalists, it is impossible for RTNDA Canada to remain silent in the face of growing concerns about the future of broadcast journalism in this country.

RTNDA members believe local news is critically important to Canadians. Local news has intrinsic value beyond what it may generate in terms of revenue. Local news is about telling Canadians what is going on in their community.

While there are various and emerging methods of delivering news, no one can dispute that local television remains one of the most influential. We believe that it is worth preserving, particularly in smaller and medium sized communities where fewer alternatives exist. RTNDA urges all stakeholders to recognize the importance of local television and we call on the CRTC and the federal government to find ways to ensure that this critical voice for Canadians remains strong and clear.

RTNDA Canada is the voice of electronic journalists and news managers in Canada. The members of RTNDA Canada recognize the responsibility of broadcast journalists to promote and to protect the freedom to report independently about matters of public interest and to present a wide range of expressions, opinions and ideas. The RTNDA Canada Code of Ethics adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.

For further information: Sherry Denesha, Operations Manager, RTNDA Canada at (416) 756-2213 or email or visit

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