Past Presidents Receive Bill Hutton Award of Excellence

Jun 22, 2012

Toronto, June 22, 2012 /CNW/ - RTDNA Canada The Association of Electronic Journalists tonight honoured all thirty-two past presidents who have served during the first fifty years of the association. The Bill Hutton Award of Excellence is named after the first president of RTNDA Canada (our name changed to RTDNA last June), and the award is presented when deemed appropriate to an organization or company that has proven itself as a friend above and beyond the call to RTDNA Canada.

In our 50th anniversary year celebration during this evenings Presidents Award Gala, there can be no better choice than to honour all those presidents who led the organization during the first five decades, said RTDNA President Andy LeBlanc. The thirty-two presidents who served before me helped shape what RTNDA and now RTDNA has become today. The acronym RTNDA, for Radio Television News Directors Association, was changed to RTDNA, Radio Television Digital News Association last year, to become more inclusive to all electronic journalists.

More than half of the people who served as president attended the Presidents Awards Gala tonight to join in cutting the 50th anniversary cake, and to receive this well deserved recognition for their service to the future of electronic journalism in Canada, and to the well being of this association.

Following is the list of all thirty-two past presidents, including the eighteen attended this evening:

Bill Hutton, Ron Laidlaw, Bert Cannings, Graham Allen, Don Johnston, Frank Flegel, Gordon Whitehead, Francois Peladeau, Bruce Hogle, Karl Sepkowski, David Knapp, Elmer Harris, Dick Smyth, Peter Ferguson, Craig Armstrong, Barry Pauley, Ian Glenday, Thompson MacDonald, Bob Beaton, Eric Rothschild, John Hinnen, Tony Cox, George Clark, Gary Ennett, Rick Wiertz, Hudson Mack, Gerry Phalen, Eldon Duchscher, Terry Scott, Bob McLaughlin, Cal Johnstone, Jason Moore.

On Friday night, previously announced awards were also presented to Terry Scott, and Peter Angione. Terry Scott received the President’s Award for his long-term service on the board, and a lifetime contribution to the broadcasting industry. The President’s Award is presented annually to individuals or groups that have brought distinction to, or made major contributions to, broadcast journalism. The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Peter Angione, who has served as Conference Chair for RTDNA Canada for five years. The Distinguished Service Award is presented in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contribution and exemplary distinguished service rendered for the benefit and advancement of broadcast journalism and RTDNA Canada.

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